Open App by Sesame Labs

Open App opens your door with your smartphone. Easy to use, maintain and as secure as you want it.

Sesame Cloud

Exetensible to fit your needs.

Simple and Secure

Open App is as secure as you want it to be.

Easy integration

Easy integrations to other systems via APIs

Why Open App

Give secure access with a Cloud based solution.

Let the right one in – using Sesame. Install a Sesame compatible access device at your door. Connect and configure the access device with Sesame Cloud. Use Open App on your smartphone to open your door. Easy to use, easy to maintain and as secure as you want it.

Sesame makes it easier for companies to provide access to the right people and easier for users to gain access.

Sesame works like this! You use your smartphone to receive a secure access token from the access device connected to the door. The smartphone will communicate with our Cloud that will provide access or no access to the access device. If you have access rights, you can open the door.


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